A friend of mine once told me of a wedding reception she attended. In the company of some ladies, a particular girl was the talk of the day. Why? She was a returnee from UK and was clad in a way that reflected the cold UK weather, whereas she was attending a wedding in Africa, in a hot season! [See how not to dress.] You certainly don’t want to be the talking point of a wedding for dressing odd.

So how should you dress to a wedding reception? There isn't a one stop solution for all cases; however there are simple steps to consider.

CONSULT THE INVITATION CARD:I prefer to state that the one rule you don’t want to ignore is what the wedding reception invitation card says about dress code. Before sending out their IV cards, couples usually state what the color code of the day will be. While it’s not necessary to dress exactly in the stated color in the invitation card, a tone of the stated color code will do.

PLAN FOR CONTINGENCIES: Ever gotten to a wedding and realized that you were in a rush about your dressing? This can matter a lot, especially to ladies. It is a cool practice to tuck a few accessories that can make a last minute difference before you appear in the reception venue. Plan with the following:

  • Add some more jewelry – Having extra jewelry can save you the stress of looking for an ideal match in the event that you realize the need to upgrade your clothing.
  • Take some more hair accessories – Hair accessories can embellish your looks especially if it is spotted with jewelry. Be careful on the matter of using a tiara though, so that you don't attract attention that's meant for the bride.
  • For ladies, a shawl can save you some embarrassments in the even that you suddenly realize you need to cover a top part of your body. Yes, popping out your boobs might mean, 'hey, I'm up for grabs tonight.' 


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