With so many star arrivals at the X Factor Uk auditions in London last week, it could have been easier to be dwarfed from the spotlights. But that wasn't the case with the former Spice girl, Melanie Brown, aka Mel B.

Former Spice girl, Melanie Brown
  • Back view
  • The Pink gown

The 39 year old, singer, dancer, songwriter, actress, stepped into the red carpet at Wembley Stadium in a pink dress that had a beveled in waistline, flanked with feminine white cuffs, along with a top to down zipper. At the back was a contrast of navy panel addition.

Was she done? Nope! Mel B shod her feet with black strapped heels. And oh, before I forget, it was a swept back hairdo, and a blend makeup that was natural.

Do you want to try it on or have her try something like this? Well, I kinda like it when it isn't short when seated. Hope you know what I mean. *wink* Cool


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