I fooled around. Devil work, but was unfortunately caught

He has featured in Sharon Stone, Tears in Heaven, Wasted Years, Narrow Escape, Deadly proposal, etc. But when got wind from a source that the artist, who also is a singer, cheated on his wife and released a video about it in one of his songs, we wondered why he did it.

Since I don’t believe in swallowing everything hook, line and sinker, I chose to verify this by reaching out to Bob Ejike, a nollywood artist I interviewed a while ago to verify this.

He was asked: “, has an unconfirmed report that your musical video Darijimi is based on your life experience, which is untold and somewhat racy. Can you confirm this?”

Professor Bob Ejike affirmed: “All my songs and artistic creations are based on true life experiences. I form my artistry on the basis that life is stranger than fiction.”

On whether the video replayed his personal experience, he replied: “yes it is.

“We’ll like most men do, I fooled around. Devil work, but was unfortunately caught and my woman was packing out so I tried to stop her, pleading for forgiveness and that even upset her the more and she became violent and started destroying every piece of furniture in the house.”

When asked why he chose to make a video about a part of his life that involved infidelity, with a reminder that it wasn’t easy for Bill Clinton to admit to infidelity during his presidency, he retorted: “I am not a hypocrite like Clinton…

“Clinton's hypocrisy was internationally celebrated.”

Prof. Ejike stated that at the point of cheating on his woman, he did it because “you know, boys must be boys, (laughing out loud)” and not because he had stopped loving her.

At this point I chose to ask him, “Almost every man blames the devil when they are caught for cheating. Why do you think men cheat?”

His response: “men cheat mainly as a result of peer pressure, out of boredom and when they are denied what the need at home.” Wanting to know which was responsible for his act of cheating, I asked: “When denied what they need at home? What is that precisely?” Sir Bob Ejike, who is still in far away Dubai at the time of this interview, didn’t respond.

I wondered if he had regrets for cheating on ‘his woman’, whom he later stated he isn’t married to as her status was a ‘girlfriend.’ The nollywood artist and song writer, who had featured in movies like pointed out: “I don't know. The golden rule of relationships is never look back. Enjoy it while it lasts, but when it's over take it as an experience, learn from it and move on. There is no room for regrets. It isn't part of the deal.

“Yes, the memories remain if they are good ones.”

When asked who this lady is and if she’s “Darijimi,” he replied: “I don't kiss and tell,” while stating that “Darijimi means forgive me, in Yoruba.”

I was also interested in knowing how knowledge of his past has affected his wife, he responded: “now I am not one of those new generation artistes that sell their private lives in the market place for fame. I am a chief and therefore don't discuss my wife and children in public. Our culture abhors such conduct from an elder.”

On what lessons he is sending out through his musical video, Darijimi, he admitted: “Well I should have tried to sort out the problem at home, not outside, and I should never have cheated no matter what.”


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