It was heart wrenching when news broke that one of the released chibok girls, Susan Ishaya, who is a minor, had become pregnant. She, along with over 200 school girls, was reportedly kidnapped by the blood bathing terror group, Boko Haram. This gave birth to the #bringbackourgirls campaign that drew global attention and condemnations.

As at the time of writing this report the rest of the girls are said to be in captivity. “Today is the 165th day since 273 Nigerian school girls were kidnapped. We ask that all of you, from whatever city/country you live, to continue to march and hold rallies. Continue to call your government leaders and tell your friends. We will not be silenced.

“Every day the family at the Bring Back Our Girls headquarters in Abuja march and rally by the hundreds,” the official facebook page of the campaigners reports.

Confirming the four months pregnancy incidence, chairman of Chibok community in Abuja, Tsamdo Hosea Abana stated: “Susan is actually one of our daughters abducted from Government Girls Secondary School in Chibok. She was found in Mubi where her abductors dumped her and she was later taken to Yola. It has been proved that the girl is four months pregnant, and she is psychological and physically traumatized.”

Many have wondered from religious, moral and legal perspectives if she, Susan Ishaya, should abort this pregnancy.

In Nigeria, where the rape crime is believed to have been committed, the abortion policy is as follows:

Grounds on which abortion is permitted:

To save the life of the woman - Yes

To preserve physical health  - Yes*

To preserve mental health - Yes*

Rape or incest  -  No

Foetal impairment - No

Economic or social reasons - No

Available on request - No

Additional requirements:

    Two physicians are required to certify that the pregnancy poses a serious threat to the life of the woman.


    * Nigeria has two abortion laws:  one for the northern states and one for the southern states.  Both laws specifically allow abortions to be performed to save the life of the woman.  In addition, in the southern states, the holding of Rex v. Bourne is applied, which allows abortions to be performed for physical and mental health reasons.

Some of the religions found in Nigeria see abortion at any stage of conception as terminating an innocent life, which is against God’s view of life. Others are indifferent.

Reacting to this incidence, some have called for the pragnancy to be retained as no one knows what can become of the child. Others have expressed fears that this child could become an 'immortal' terror. Yet still, some have wondered why subject the girl or others who might be in her state to the truma of carrying a rape pregnancy and taking up the responsibility of raising the child.

Below are some of the reactions to the story we published about the pregnancy.

    • Aor-tar Bem James Hmmmm! Signs of end tym she shud nt abort,hence dat child myt b anoda Moses in d bible,born in a foreign land,escaped frm death,ends up redeemin his ppl
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    • Orseer Ors'karl Dis child myt b d next leada of boko haram.i knw its a male child.he shud b eliminate nw dat he is stil an embryo b4 he bcums immortal.
      8 hrs · Like
    • Omoregbe Newton Orseer what kind of human being are u eliminate a four mnths pregnancy you urself is a murderer already
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    • Joebam Solomon Orseer, r u not a christian? Remember one of d Ten commandment of God dat says, (Thou shall not kill)
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    • Orseer Ors'karl In a case lyk dis,we 'av to consida dis:dos guyz re has no human sympaty nd so their blood.keepin dis child myt nt b save 4 d next generation to cum.bsid a pregnancy blow 6 month is nt human its stil an embryo...
  • Ufomba Joy Ogechi So the girl is having the blood of bokoharam in her,what happens to this young girl? She's now in a condition,a state of dilemma she did not bargain for.MR PRESIDENT HAS TO COME INTO THIS ISSUE
  • Holluwatosin Zainab haaaa abeg make dem comot dat boko product frm her o. may God av mercy, i feel 4 u dear
  • Anthony Asobara Well it is a pity,no woman on earth would like to give birth to a TERRORIST "ABORTION"no no no GOD is not in suport of that,if it is REAL she wil deliver and GOD knows how to creat and change things in his own way,is not compolsory that a BAD MAN must give birth to BAD CHILD.

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What do you think, should this prenancy be retained or aborted?

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