After a video surfaced on social media, alleging that Nigeria’s popular blogger, Linda Ikeji’s pregnancy is a fake, there have been heated debates between those who agree with the allegation and Linda Ikeji’s fans who think that co-blogger, Kemi Olunloyo’s claim is an attempt to tarnish, Ikeji’s name.

In a video, Kemi Olunloyo alleged that “Linda cannot have children, because she doesn’t have a womb, says her own sister!” She opined that Linda wore a “moon bump,” an accessory that has been used by actors and others who intend to give the impression that they are pregnancy, to create a realistic pregnancy.

The conspiracy theory that Linda colluded with others to “deceive” people about her real pregnancy story is not unique to Kemi. Indeed, it appears Linda Ikeji was anticipating the persisting controversy when she decided to expose her ‘belly’ much earlier to the public.

To be sure, we are indifferent about the claims on both sides of the divide, as to who is saying the truth here. In fact, be it surrogacy, adoption or actual child birth by Linda Ikeji, so long as the process is not illegal, the child will be lawfully hers.

However, we want to examine the possibility of faking a pregnancy, especially when there are nude images showing the pregnancy bump.

Really, movie productions in which there’s need to depict a totally nude pregnant female is made possible using a pregnancy bump.

The fake pregnancy bellies, that cost about $116.99, are made of high class medical silicone which feels very real. There are specification for twins and quadruplets. The bellies are not a hard plastic, rather, they have movement and weight which truly mimics the term of pregnancy.  They are soft, real, natural touching & look, reusable, adhesive, have an adjustable strong magic tape belt that help you to make a pregnant or a beer belly look.

silicon baby bump
Artificial silicon pregnancy

Their basic color is tailored to different skin colors that are perceived as photorealistic even when nude. They even come with difference sizes with the ranges: S (2-3 Months 1000g/pc L:35 W:26 H:4cm); M (4-5 Months 1500g/pc L:36 W:27 H:6cm); L (6-7 Months 2500g/pc L:37 W:28 H:8cm); XL (8-9 Months 3500g/pc L:38 W:29 H:10cm.

Hence, the answer to the basic question: ‘is it possible to fake a pregnancy, even with photo-realistic feel,’ is yes. But in the light of the claim that she has “no womb,” did Linda Ikeji fake her pregnancy and got people to act along till the date of delivery? Like was stated earlier on, we are indifferent about this.

In any case, Linda’s blog has been replete with stories about people’s lives that are sensational. Even though she had shrouded in secrecy a lot about her pregnancy, like who could be the real father of her baby, the media have now made her life a subject for public scrutiny.

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