Messi in Argentina versus  Croatia game

As the whistle ended what had become an excruciating experience for Messi’s Argentina as they suffered a 3 – 0 goal loss to Croatia, who had earlier beaten the Super Eagles of Nigeria by 2 – 0, two questions that latched on to the lips of many is: Is Argentina out? What her chances? You might witness a yellow card rule that will determine her fate as shown below.


Let’s peruse the Group D standing as at June 21, after Argentina’s loss. Argentina sits on one point. Croatia is at six points with two games played. Iceland has one point, and Nigeria have zero points, and they play today, Friday.


So, is Argentina out (yet)?

The answer is no!


What are Argentina’s chances?

The following has to happen:

  1. Iceland draws the game or suffers a defeat to Nigeria today, Friday.
  2. Croatia then needs to beat or draw her next game with Iceland.
  3. Argentina needs to beat Nigeria, who incidentally defeated them in the last friendly.

Reporting on the mathematical chances of Argentina, SBNations stated: “If Iceland beats Nigeria today, there is still an outside chance that Argentina could sneak in, but for that to happen it would rely on them beating Nigeria and then Iceland losing to Croatia, and then it would come down to a tiebreaker, since both teams would be on four points.

“Goal difference would decide it at that point, and if goal difference is the same, then it will go to yellow cards, of which Argentina has more than a few. (That is the true chaos scenario.)

“If none of the above happens, Argentina is eliminated.

“Argentina isn’t dead quite yet, but they need some help if Lionel Messi and Co. want to get out of this. And if you’re wondering about the situation for any other team.”

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