Do you still doubt the existence of gays in Nigeria? Punch has reported of an incidence involving a suspected gay, Mohammed Snu, who has been murdered by his partner, Mohammed Umar, inside a room of a hotel in Garki, Abuja.

The deceased, who was a regular guest at the hotel, was said to have invited Umar for sex, but their romance went sour when Snu refused to pay his partner for the second round of sex.

According to a source, the two males had sex twice, but but Snu allegedly refused to pay for the second round, which led to a scuffle.

“The man had just come back from a mosque where he went for prayers with his partner when we heard a loud noise from his room and a voice saying ‘ya kuri (please, don’t be angry)’. By the time we forced the door open, we saw Umar standing naked and Snu lying dead on the bed with stab injuries on his body. We immediately called the police and Umar was arrested,” according to the source.

PUNCH Metro learnt that the police came back later and whisked away the hotel manager for interrogation.

The incident was said to have generated an uproar around the Garki neighbourhood, as residents gathered in clusters to discuss the tragedy.

Our correspondent was told that policemen from the FCT Command came in a white pick-up van and took the corpse away.

Victim being carried away

They also drove away his white Mercedez salon car with Abuja registration number, KUJ 883 AQ, which was parked on the hotel premises.

The FCT Police Public Relations Officer, Peter Okechukwu, who confirmed the incident, explained that the deceased invited the suspect to massage him in his hotel room, saying he had pains in his ribs.

He said, “In the course of the massage, Snu asked Umar to undress for sex, and from there, they engaged in a scuffle leading to the stabbing of the deceased by the suspect. It was the loud noise from their room that attracted the hotel workers.

“When our men got to the hotel, we found the deceased and the suspect naked. Investigations have commenced and we will soon know what actually transpired behind the closed door.”

As if their homosexual intercourse isn’t bad enough in a country whose laws forbid homosexual intercourse, the duo of  Snu and Umar had the effrontery to raise their voices in a scuffle!

According to a section of the Gay bill in Nigeria, “A person who registers, operates or participates in gay clubs, societies or organizations, or directly or indirectly makes public show of same-sex amorous relationship in Nigeria commits an offense and is liable on conviction to a term of 10 year.”

Homosexual deal is illegal in Nigeria, and an offense. Until the law says otherwise, it remains criminal to engage in it.

It is obvious that greed had spurred these two to overrule the simple rule of a shoddy business engagement, “pay for service rendered and don’t raise voices in disagreement over an illegal deal.”

If payment was made, there wouldn’t have been this scuffle. But when the payment wasn’t made, they, knowing their conduct is both illegal and abhorred in the society, still chose to fight.

With reports like these, it will become inconveniencing for two males to share a room in a hotel without being suspected as gays, ditto two females.

Our world has changed so considerably. Yesterday’s norms are now abnormal, and abnormalities of the past are now the norms! Grrrrrrh!

Will this fatal experience deter some who pursue these abhorrent lifestyles?


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